Bridge Strategic Communications


Stu Zakim and Bridge Strategic Communications offer over thirty years of experience working with some of the best-known brands in the media and entertainment sectors. As such, we are experts at maneuvering through industry media, which means your message goes farther faster.

New Brand / New Product Launch

Launches are exciting. With so much at stake, they require a steady hand to make sure all communications objectives are achieved. We'll work with you to construct a public relations strategy that hits all the right targets.

Brand Repositioning

Looking to realign your brand's image? We'll dig deep to understand the factors affecting perception, and use those insights to inform a communications strategy that places your brand in the right light.

Crisis Communications

In times of crisis, timing is crucial, and can mean the difference between whether your brand survives or dies. We've been there, and we know what works.

Corporate Communications / PR Outsourcing

We've led Corporate Communications and PR teams for some of the best brands in film, magazines, and television. We're available for any short or long term outsourcing--whether you are looking to temporarily fill a need, or you are searching for a more permanent resource.